My child, – your busy-ness concerns Me. I designed you for a balance between activity, service, and replenishment. Are you as devoted to Me as you’d like to be when you are over-run with your To-Do list? Taking time out for rest and simple, pure enjoyment of your surroundings is of equal value in My eyes. Stop all your striving for a change. If you could only see and trust how deep My love runs for you…and rest in the comfort of this Goodness…you would hear My voice again. Hear it in the bird’s song. See it in the quiet light of morning. Be comforted. Strip away all the clamor in your head trying to convince you of the tasks beckoning for your attention. It’s okay to do LESS sometimes, especially if you exchange that for time with Me. Come to the well; dip your cup in and drink of Me. Know that this is enough. You don’t have to be constantly accomplishing something in order to be loved by Me. Drink in the Goodness, and know that you are part of it. Soak in My Presence, and see how this quiet sensitivity to My Presence in your environment calms you and perfects the moment. 

One thought on “Striving

  1. Blessed are you, to have this wisdom, Blessed are you to share with your friends. I’m blessed to be that friend today, Thank you for your Faith, Love and Hope!

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