Hungry for Joy

Don’t allow anything to “steal your joy”. Not bills, not misguided desires for comfort, excess, belonging, or surplus wealth.  Self-consciousness is another trap, – locking you in places I do not wish you to be. Try to not allow the words of others impact you so much. When you give weight and power to the opinions of others, it tugs you away from awareness of My Presence and My constant love for you. Step aside from these traps. Walk safely next to Me, away from the dark thieves trying to entice you around corners that do not truly satisfy. Find the purity and simplicity of My joy, an unending well of supply available for you. There is Light around the corner when you take My hand. Instead of wishing for things that aren’t present in your life, or fearing things imagined but not actualized, acknowledge all the ways I am meeting your needs in the present moment.  I long to meet and fulfill your hunger for true joy. 

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