Come Out and Interact

I know some days it’s tough to feel sociable. You’d rather ‘hole up’, seclude, and withdraw. I may call you out, though, – asking or inviting you to interact with others. Even if you don’t feel like it, know that you can do it with My help when I nudge. I ask you to be strong and courageous, not scared or discouraged. I can make these interactions gentle on you. Be there for others today on My behalf. Find how enriching this contact with others can be when you come out. Help show My love in the world today, and find Me with you in doing so. 

Do Your Best

Do your best. That’s an offer in gold for Me. I don’t ask for perfection from you or anyone else. Using the skills I designed in you to the best of your ability is an act of grateful worship. I’m perfectly okay with mistakes. Keep offering your best, knowing that you are enough for Me, exactly as you are!

I Hold It All

I read your thoughts and already know your needs. I will touch others through you, satisfying your desire for attention in meaningful ways. You are an important presence to others around you, but I desire your full attention. Seek Me first and My kingdom of peace will be yours. I don’t call you to sacrifice all day to a point of resentment. I do, however, ask you to lay your life down when your desires are not in line with My purpose for you. I will help you discern that. Ask Me for help when you are confused on which way to go. Pray for others. I hear it all; I hold it all. Relax as you allow Me to take the lead from you. Enjoy life with Me at the helm instead. 

Caring Without Codependency

Breathe My name. You know Me! I am already with you, – loving you ever so tenderly. I place people in your life to know and care about you, as well as people for you to return love to in exchange. Caring is Good. Don’t ever feel bad about caring for someone. You can draw healthy boundaries without codependency, right? It’s tricky, but I can help. Keep drawing your attention back to Me. Ask for My help and guidance, and find Joy with Me in this day. Radiate outward, because I have called you by name and you are Mine. 

Move Forward Even in Uncomfortable Situations

You are a Light unto others. Don’t recede into darkness or separate yourself because of past hurts. Your gift is inclusion, and reaching out to others who cannot always reach back or aren’t good at going beyond the awkwardness of past mistakes. If I have taught you nothing else, it is how to stand strong and move forward even in uncomfortable situations. I need you to hear Me calling you even deeper on this road, reaching into your soul. You have a rich, meaningful purpose here. You’ve felt excluded, yet you weren’t. Yours is the gift of leadership, inclusion, purpose, and compassion. I will bless the ways you choose to be welcoming and outgoing. Let My waves of Grace and Glory wash over you now. Rest trustingly cradled in My arms as I renew you and restore your broken Spirit. I am big enough to do just that! 


I equip you. I, in all My might and majesty, have called you to these places. See what wondrous things are being done! You make people feel special and I need your presence doing what comes naturally to you. You can trust that I am using your gifts right where you are. Pray. Come to Me when you feel anxious; see that I don’t judge you nearly as hard as you judge yourself. I accept and love you for who you are. 

Attending To Your Needs

Let the rain of Grace wash away your hurt and unhappiness. I will supply comforts to carry you along the way, too. Your life doesn’t have to be just about serving others. Don’t forget about attending to yourself; self-care is also essential.  It’s important to soak up My peace intended for you, and refresh your soul. With My hand upon you, all can be made right. Let Me be a healing agent, attending to your needs. My Goodness rooted and established in you is meant to be well tended, and only then can it result in being My gift to all around you. 

Big Things Can Come

I desire your happiness. You are getting tired, discouraged, and trudged down by life. I need strong, capable, compassionate leaders. I want you in that role! You can trust that this current life experience is giving you just the knowledge and skills you need. Big things can come out of this. I ask more of you, but not more than you can handle. I will give you adequate time with others, and you will find all the balance you need. Trust Me in this process. Try picking up on what you are learning through these trials. You can be at peace and even inspired today just by knowing that you are doing My work! Once you give in to My will out of love, not resisting or resenting your circumstances, you will find the happiness and peace which you have longed for. 

No Chance Encounters

My precious, precious child. You don’t have to be so anxious. You have done so many good works already! I am the way, the truth, and the life, – giving breath to you and those around you. Envision this holy breath-exchange as you build up others: family, coworkers, friends, — even strangers you encounter. It’s all part of My design, really. How simple are My plans if and when you choose to see them with MY eyes and accept your role in it all. No chance encounters are occurring. I gaze upon you lovingly as you interact and do My work. I am delighted when you take comfort in this. Look for Me, and you will find Me in your midst. 

You Are Needed

A loving, devoted follower looks like you, too. I need you. Choose to believe Me, and envision this! It’s okay to have opinions, and I’ve given you a humble, Godly voice. Show your willingness to voice them and act upon them as a leader among My people. Are you surprised that I’ve chosen you to lead? Don’t be. You are equipped to be a strong leader for many reasons: first, you care, and are passionate and diligent in your follow-through. Second, you listen well, grasping needs with clarity and sensitivity. People value your opinions because they know you have good intentions. Some may seem surprised or intimidated by the strength of your word and your presentation. My Grace will help soften those edges, but it requires that you turn to Me for help, and trust Me to make the moves. Don’t be discouraged by ruffled feathers. Time makes those settle back into place. Do My work to make amends where needed. You are needed, and you are loved. This is the truth that you must hold on to with confidence as you walk into new endeavors in the days ahead. Don’t forget: I am with you always. I listen. I prompt. I nudge. I hear. Seek My words of Grace to come through you, in you, and with you. A new year ahead: calling you to help build My kingdom.