To Endure the Storm of Today

Hear Me whisper your name with a quiet, yet firm, reminder: I am here. Right here, right now, every step of the way. Even in the hard, rocky walk you may face. Put on sturdy shoes and the right jacket to endure the story of today. Let Me buffer you against the wind of challenges. Set your mind on a “can-do” mission, knowing you are partnered fully by Me.

#youcandoit; #Godshelpishere; #neveralone

Wanting To Console You

I know you are struggling. There are many challenges facing you and they are blocking your capacity to see Me or be aware of My Presence. I can only try to reassure you I am here…it’s up to you to release those concerns to Me. Once you do, you will see Me more clearly, but I cannot take them from your grip. I designed you to be independent in your choices with that. How I ache for you, – wanting to console you. I am powerfully able to provide for your every need. Please, entrust your whole self and all of your burdens and cares to Me. Trust My ability to care for you completely.

Speaking Truth

Speaking truth can be a lonely place. You have eyes that see and a heart that longs for acceptance and belonging, but sometimes the ones you want to be close to cause hurt and disappointment when you speak truth. I will send supportive people to you along the way, giving you refuge for your soul in these encounters. Stay strong, facing bitter winds of rejection. Know that I will hold you upright even in the roughest challenges. I am always with you, hemming you in before, beside, and behind you.