Slow Things Down

I’ve been under a lot of pressure pretty much my whole life. Most of it is admittedly self-imposed. Whether it’s the hopeless pursuit of perfection, the underlying drive to always be productive and achieving some sort of goal, or an intrinsic design pushing myself to be the best person I can possibly be, it has left me filled with racing thoughts and difficulty learning how to truly relax and trust God’s hand at work.

Over a dozen years ago, I started a daily habit of writing in a journal, aiming to get rid of the pressures and focus on faith to get me through whatever the day ahead held. By about page three, I stopped to listen for God’s voice. God came through in amazing ways, giving clear, simple messages of reassurance, love, and guidance. I learned to calm down and achieve centering. I learned how to focus and trust, – and also to be nicer to myself. Maybe you’ve been craving words like that, too. While what I have to share may not seem new or eloquent or brilliant, I can guarantee it is pure and holy. It came from God, spoken to me, and it’s available for you to hear, too. Thus begins my blog, with a plan to provide some hope-filled messages to anyone who is open to hearing them. All you have to do is show up and listen:

Gentle.  Take a gentle day. No rush. No real demands, other than to SLOW THINGS DOWN.  It’s been very, very busy – full of GOODNESS! – but in need of REST time.  Indulge yourself in rest.  Leave some of the to-do’s for another day.  I give you this! Permission to not do for a day.  Try it – be faithful to it – and see what it brings.  You put so much pressure on yourself to get all the little tasks done.  It’s impressive how much you accomplish! But I don’t ask you to wear yourself thin.  I call you to a true day of REST (weekly!) and this has been hard for you to manage.  TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.  I need you to rest up so you will be strengthened for what is ahead.  The rest will help alleviate your unwarranted fears.  Trust Me at all times.  I love you!  Ingest My LIGHT.

3 thoughts on “Slow Things Down

  1. Wise words from a beautiful lady. Today I sat on the back porch for a good long time, enjoying birdsong while reading. Of course, the perfectionist in me felt the guilt, but oh the joy. I look forward to reading more from you. Your old friend, Julie

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